Sultangazi Simulation Center opens its doors to visitors

23 January 2017

Like’s last project “Sultangazi Simulation Center” is opened to serve the people of Sultangazi, the new developing district of Istanbul. Like has produced “3D Sultangazi Helicopter Tour Ride Film” and constructed 24 people capacity simulator. Visitors will be able to see both natural and historical beauties of the city and the new Works ,services made by Sultangazi Municipality in the movie in 4D environment created by LIKE.


FLYRIDE is now available at GALATA TOWER

1 July 2016

Flyride Istanbul helicopter tour simulation is now available to visitors in Galata Tower, one of the most popular historical place of Istanbul. Visitors will have the chance to touch and sense what they see from Galata Tower. The helicopter will take them from Galata Tower to unique beauties of Istanbul. The “FLYRIDE” simulation room is located at the second floor in the tower. Visitors will be able to buy tickets for FLYRIDE at the entrance and join the tour after seeing the observation desk.


Like’s movies will started to be launched in Istanbul Aquarium

20 July 2014

Istanbul Aquarium, the biggest thematic aquarium of the world, will present Like’s 4D Turkey Movie and 4D Istanbul Movie to it’s visitors starting July 2014. With nearly one million annual visitors, Istanbul Aquarium is also one of most popular touristic attractions in Istanbul.

The “FLYRIDE” simulation room is located in the entrance hall of the aquarium. Visitors will be able to buy combo tickets, allowing them to watch Like’s movies and enter the aquarium.


Airplane Journey simulator will start to its tour in September

23 July 2014

Our airplane journey simulator sponsored by Anadolu Jet, the domestic brand of Turkish Airlines, will start its tour in September. The model airplane simulator will visit 20 cities of Turkey, staying one month in each one.

The interior design of the model airplane is consisting of real airplane components, seats, seatbelts, ceilings and sidewalls.

Our visitors will experience a 4D airplane journey over Turkey, enriched by some realistic effects.