We have comprehensive expertise in making creative scenarios. Our experience covers producing 3D films of cities and touristic areas focusing history, culture, and modern time. We have finalized world’s first and most comprehensive work in High-Definition using highest quality technical equipment.


Creativity is the main value in our works. We always keep in mind that the way to draw attention of people and present them an unforgettable experience goes through ideas beyond conventional ones.


To reach the highest quality in planned time limits and budget is what we are always applying ourselves to. Without losing our flexibility to create innovative products, we work to a carefully managed process.


We trust ourselves and in our work. Hence, we are open to make investment in our projects, rather than trying to sell them. Our finance team is experienced in financial modeling, and making business forecasts and feasibility studies. Different kind of business models are acceptable for us, such as produce & sell, coproduction, and produce & lease & operate or partnerships.


As a leading company in film production sector, we are actively involved in exploiting a wide range of newest technology products including cameras, stereoscopic and multi-camera equipment, air shooting equipment and post-production software.

On the other side, we are using highest quality components in simulation systems designed and produced by us.


The needs of entertainment sector is growing and changing from day to day. Moreover, as a company which has a global vision we have to create more extensive services. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we are able to come by better solutions in our works and services – including research, design, project management, content creation, business modeling, and operation management.